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Premium Personal and Business Asset Finance

small business asset finance

Asset finance for small business

We can help you source the small business asset finance you require to set business growth in motion. Whatever kind of equipment, vehicle, office fitout, machinery or technology you need, the right broker can help make it happen.

Our commercial asset finance brokers have access to a broad lender base offering a full range of asset finance products. These can be used to fund a range of assets, including:

 – Industrial machinery for manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

– Mining and earthmoving equipment.

– Retail fitouts and installations.

– Office assets including furniture, computers, printers and devices, IT assets like servers and data centres.

– Scientific, medical and healthcare assets.

– Bobcats, forklifts, heavy trucks, vans and car fleets.

Ask us about different types of commercial equipment finance. These vary, depending on length of term, and whether you want to own the asset or upgrade it at the end of the loan term.

Consumer asset finance

Asset based lending doesn’t just apply to businesses. Consumer asset finance opens up a world of personal, luxury and lifestyle spending to maximise your leisure time and fulfil long-held desires.

If you’ve worked long hours, over many years, it might be time to reward yourself! Maybe you’ve always wanted a deluxe camper or caravan, a motorbike, motorhome, swimming pool or a classic car.

Our asset finance service can help you access the finance you need to fund your vision. We simplify the process, connecting you with lenders who specialise in the area of consumer asset finance.

All our financial products are tailored to suit your unique circumstances and needs, giving you the freedom to pursue your aspirations.

We can help you navigate the lending market, with tailored service and all the hard work done for you. So, you get to enjoy the results!

asset finance for consumers

Asset refinancing made easy

Are you stuck with an expensive asset loan? Is it taking too long to pay off? Our asset refinance broker can help you find the right loan options to set you on a new course.

Using your business assets as security, you can apply for a range of asset refinance products offering more favourable rates and terms.

Done properly, asset refinancing can free up equity held in high value assets like vehicles, equipment, machinery, and technology. It’s a way to free up significant amounts of capital from expensive assets, so it can be used elsewhere.

Let us show you how!


No, unlike buying a property, you don’t need a deposit.

No, you don’t. However, homeowners may be offered lower interest rates, due to the increased security levels for the lender.

This will vary across time and lenders. Contact our asset refinance brokers for current anticipated turnaround times.

Asset finance is used when you are buying an asset for the first time. Asset refinance is used when you have an existing asset loan and want to get better terms.