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Invest in Property, the Smart Way!

Your property investment loan specialist

Whatever stage you’ve reached in your property investment journey, the right loan structure is essential for long-term success.

With so many loan products available, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you are a first-time investor, or a seasoned investor with a multi-property portfolio, you face the same key challenges – avoiding classic pitfalls and finding the right rates and terms to help build future wealth.

Our experienced property investment loan advisors can help on both counts. With access to a suite of finance options, they will discuss your needs, drill down into the details, and provide loan solutions tailored to your situation.

To access the optimum investment property mortgage for your needs, why not talk to our property mortgage brokers? Rouse Hill, Sydney, has plenty of great investment opportunities, but you don’t have to stop there. We work across the greater Sydney region and beyond to get you a great deal.

Grow your investment property portfolio

If you’re ready to grow your portfolio, we’re ready to help! We’ve assisted many clients to achieve property investment success, with loan support tailored to suit vastly different circumstances.

When seeking investment loan property finance, our property finance brokers will help secure the optimum loan or mortgage package for your budget. Finding cost-effective and flexible investment loans against property, we show you how to use equity to invest or grow your portfolio.

The 2021 census reveals some interesting facts. With 20% of Australian households now owning investment property, and 40% of owners aged 30-50, there’s a clear message for would-be investors. One in five households are now investing, so why not you?

With access to a wide network of solicitors, conveyancers, property managers and lending institutions, we have the professional experience to empower you to succeed.

investment property growth brokers

The benefits of refinancing your investment property

If you want to refinance your investment property, you’ve come to the right place.

There are several reasons to seek refinance. You can free up cash to carry out repairs or renovations. Maybe you want your loan to be easier to service, or to make funds available to buy another investment property.

Whatever your purpose, our experienced loan advisors can connect you with targeted mortgage products. By restructuring your finances, you may be able to pay down your properties more quickly and achieve more with your available money.


Yes, we can connect you with lenders who allow this.

Yes. While some banks won’t accept two borrowers, one owner, it’s a question of finding the right lender. This may happen in new relationships, when one partner is already a property owner. The method can also be used to protect assets.

Most use 80%, but some go to 90%. We can discuss this further with you.

We can help you work this out. It helps if you’ve made additional mortgage repayments, are well into the mortgage term, and if there’s been a significant increase in the value of your home since buying it.